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​Creativity has no boundaries

TRiCERA breaks the wall that rises in front of art and artists. By removing the barriers of language and distance, we will create a mechanism to reach the world with works created all over the world, and unite the art of the world. With the mission of "creativity has no borders," TRICERA provides a global art platform.


​Supporting the global expansion of artists

TRiCERA breaks the wall that rises in front of art and artists. We will remove the barriers of words and distances, create a mechanism to deliver works created in various parts of the world to the whole world, and unite the art of the world. With the mission of "creativity has no borders," TRICERA provides a global art platform.

To a platform that fosters the career development of artists

TRiCERA supports artists in their career development. TRiCERA aims to create and grow a platform that can fulfill the future image that each artist wants, such as those who want to sell their works and those who want to connect with galleries.

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Triceratops handles about 43,000 works of art such as paintings, photographs and sculptures from more than 126 countries around the world.
New works by young artists from all over the world are coming out one after another!
All works can be purchased online. With authenticity certificate, free shipping worldwide.

“We are looking for the perfect work for you”


ARTCLIP will take up the latest art news from around the world and provide more useful information for the activities of artists and collectors.


​Diversity of members

Working at TRiCERA

Work at TRiCERA

At TRiCERA, we are conscious of how to improve, and work independently and autonomously.
Also, in digital marketing, the "How" part such as so-called methods tends to be closely watched, but we are aiming for better things by returning to the user's point of view and pursuing "Why".


Imagination and innovation


Open communication

The background of TRiCERA members is a member with art knowledge such as a graduate of a national art university, a deputy editor of art magazine, a major logistics graduate, a person with marketing know-how, etc. There are a wide variety of members.
We believe that TRiCERA, which has knowledge on both sides of art and business, can attempt reforms to further expand the art market.

There are many barriers to the global expansion of artists, such as the complexity of logistics, language, and marketing.
However, there are many foreign collectors in the world who are interested in Japanese artists. We undertake all the work from negotiations with customers, collection and delivery, and return arrangements, and we will always realize a mechanism that allows artists to work globally while staying in their own country with new ideas.

Workshops are held several times a year with all employees.
At the TRiCERA workshop, everyone will decide on the company's VISION sharing and direction through common issues and programs.
It is a corporate culture that does not just follow the policy decided by the company, but builds a company together.


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