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We are pleased to announce that the number of registered artists for Tricera Art has exceeded 8,000.

(TRiCERA), operator of the global art marketplace TRiCERA ART, is pleased to announce that in April 2023, the number of registered artists surpassed 8,000 (from 126 countries).

As of April 2023, TRiCERA Art has grown to a platform that handles artists from 126 countries, or 64% of the member countries of the United Nations. Looking at the number of registered artists by country, excluding Japan, the United States is in first place, Russia is in second place, and Ukraine is in third place. The increase in the number of Ukrainian artists following the U.S. and Russia, which have large populations, is due to the project we implemented in March last year to support artists living in Ukraine, which led to increased recognition of our service in the country.

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