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セールス / アートアドバイザー(正社員 /営業職)

セールス / アートアドバイザー職(業務委託型)

セールス& マーケティングマネージャー / シニアマネージャー





Working at TRiCERA

​Member diversity

TRiCERA members come from a wide range of backgrounds, including those who graduated from a national art university, those who graduated from a major logistics company, those who are global marketers, those who have knowledge of art, and those who have knowledge of the technology that will be necessary for the art world in the future. . With TRiCERA's knowledge of both art and business, we believe that we can attempt reforms to further expand the art market.


Imagination and innovation

There are many obstacles for artists to enter the world, such as the complexity of logistics, language, and marketing.

In order to overcome the barriers, it is necessary to develop new services in addition to existing businesses, and to realize a system that truly allows artists to work globally while staying in their own country, with new ideas.


Open communication

Several times a year, we hold workshops for all employees.

At TRiCERA's workshops, we create an environment where everyone can share the company's VISION through common issues and programs and work on business as their own.


Expanding the possibilities of art together

Art can move people beyond race, gender, language and culture. We truly believe in the possibilities of art and artists. That is why it is our mission to deliver our works to as many people as possible, and to have them come into contact with as many works as possible. I'm looking for a partner who will walk together with me aiming for a grand dream.

Features of TRiCERA

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