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[Solo Exhibition] "Jun Suzuki - Flowers For You" will be held at 9s GALLERY by TRiCERA

9s Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition "Jun Suzuki - Flowers For You" from June 16, 2023 (Friday) to June 25, 2023 (Sunday).

The title of this solo exhibition, "Flowers For You," represents the beautiful, free and unselfish love.

When we wanted to give something to our mothers as children, we did not always give them things that we bought with money. For example, we would have painted her a picture or picked her flowers as a gift.

When we grow up and are able to afford expensive things, they do not have the same value as a handmade painting or a single flower. Sometimes a single flower expresses a person's own feelings more than anything else.

Jun Suzuki's work reminds us of this simple way of expressing feelings.

We invite you to come and see Suzuki's work, which gently unravels our values and the perspectives we have acquired while growing up.

For more information, click here↓.


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