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Funding for Pre Series A

We are pleased to announce that our TRiCERA has raised Pre Series A financing with Fuji Startup Ventures, DK Gate Co., Ltd., Globe Advisors, etc. as the underwriters.

At present, our platform has more than 900 artists participating, and the total number of exhibitions has exceeded 5,000 and the total transaction amount has grown to about 1.2 billion yen.

In this financing, we will use content enhancement and function development to better match the participating artists and users all over the world, and within the last three years 100,000 participating artists and 1 million active users / I will aim for the moon.

[Recipient of capital increase this time (honorific title omitted, in no particular order)]

・ DK Gate Co., Ltd.

・ Fuji Startup Fund No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership

・ GA4 Investment Union

・ Other individual investors

[Comment from Osamu Kanemitsu, CEO of Fuji Startup Ventures, Inc.]

Our company is a corporate venture capital of Fuji Media Holdings Co., Ltd. Fuji Television Co., Ltd., a core subsidiary of the company, once operated the “Fuji Television Gallery”, which deals with contemporary art, and was engaged in activities such as discovering artists to widely convey the appeal of contemporary art.

This time, we resonated with the idea of ​​a new gallery of TRiCERA, which discovers artists from various regions including Japan and sells their works directly to the world due to the progress of internet technology. By investing in TRiCERA, we would like to support as many Japanese artists as possible to spread their wings to the world.

[Comment from Yasushi Iguchi, Representative Director and CEO of TRiCERA Inc.]

At present, more than 900 artists from Japan, Asian countries and all over the world are participating in our platform. Due to the loss of exhibition and sales opportunities due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the number of applications has increased to about 120 per week, and I feel that many artists need opportunities to exhibit and sell their works. With access from 120 countries around the world, users’ interest in Japanese and Asian artworks is increasing day by day.

We will continue to promote the growth of language barriers, logistics / payment barriers, cultural barriers, and platforms that can easily overcome these barriers.


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