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[Exhibition] Group Exhibition “UPDRAFT” Rising Artist from 100/10 Exhibition 2023/24

9s Gallery is pleased to announce " UPDRAFT" Rising Artist from 100 ", a group exhibition from 5/18/2024 (Sat) to 6/1/2024 (Sat) featuring Mantis, Nakamitsuki,Tylakurka,Hidehiko Iijima, andKaiInoue. 10 2023/24" will be held.

100 Artists 10 started in 2020 as a new type of competition to connect artists and collectors with the aim of "revitalizing the art market" and is now recognized as a gateway to success for young artists.

This year, TRiCERA took over the management of the competition, which was held at Shibuya Cast in February.

The 100 Artists 10 2023/24 exhibition received a record number of 842 submissions from artists, and was a great success with a large number of visitors during the exhibition period.

This year's group exhibition, "UPDRAFT," focuses on the artists who attracted the most attention during 100 Artists 10 2023/24, bringing together a rich variety of works.

We hope you will take the opportunity to visit the exhibition to view the works of these artists, who are all aiming to take the Japanese art scene to new heights, and who are as energetic as "UPDRAFT" (rising current).

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