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Received the Encouragement Award at the Cool Japan Matching Awards 2021 by the Cabinet Office.

For the PR TIMES press release, please click here.

■Background of winning the Cool Japan Matching Award 2021 Incentive Award

In the age of WITH/AFTER Corona, Japan’s charms, including food and animation, are expected to be increasingly sought after by the world. In the “Cool Japan (CJ) Strategy,” which delves into Japan’s charms and conveys them to the world through cooperation among a wide range of fields and regions, it is becoming increasingly important to respond to the new styles demanded by the times. The “Cool Japan Matching Award 2021” is an award for advanced efforts to promote a new style of outbound and inbound travel through collaboration among fields and regions, even under the corona disaster, which has made it difficult for people and logistics to travel overseas.

The no-border EC initiative for contemporary art offered by TRiCERA was awarded for its activities in spreading the appeal of Japanese culture and art abroad and creating artists who attract worldwide attention.


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