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[Group Exhibition] "Christmas Miracle" will be held at 9s GALLERY by TRiCERA

9s Gallery is pleased to present "Christmas Miracle" from Wednesday, December 20, 2023 to Monday, December 25, 2023.

Participating artists include Ichigo Mochi, who depicts cool and ennui women; Mantisuko, who constructs "new age beauty paintings"; Kogiku Shiku, who depicts the life of a young girl; Kevin Hayashi, known for his gorgeous and delicate paintings of women; and Tokyo Yume-chan, who depicts the adventures of her cat using dot paintings.

Please enjoy the Christmas paintings of each of them.

About the group exhibition "Christmas Miracle

Will it snow this Christmas? Who will I spend Christmas with and what will I give as a gift? Christmas is a day that everyone looks forward to.

A bustling town with gorgeous illuminations, lots of smiles and laughter, and melodies that naturally make you hum along with the music.

We may have already known who Santa really is, but the anticipation of "a miracle is going to happen this year" is still there somewhere.

The "Christmas Miracle" exhibition features works by five artists on the theme of Christmas.

Enjoy the sparkling, exciting, and sometimes thrilling world you dreamed of as a child.


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