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Contemporary art EC “TRiCERA.NET” completely renewed to “TRiCERA ART”

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■Background of the site renewal

TRiCERA ART (formerly known as, which has been in operation since 2018, has already been used by over 2,400 artists in 80 countries. Initially, the design of TRiCERA ART (formerly known as was designed to showcase specific works of art, but it has now been changed to allow users to view many works of art at once in order to encourage more users to encounter artworks. In addition to making the site easier to browse, we have also reorganized the visuals by genre to make the design easier to understand. It is now easier to find products that are similar to the works you are looking for, and the design is focused on user convenience.

■Future Prospects

The way the site is presented will change over time as the service continues. It is truly in a perpetual beta version. The current site design will continue to evolve as the market changes and needs change. We hope you enjoy the changes that TRiCERA will bring.


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