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Announcement of 115 Million YEN in Funding

(Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yasushi Iguchi), operator of TRiCERA.NET, a no-border e-commerce site for contemporary art, is pleased to announce that it has raised a total of 115 million yen through a third-party allocation of new shares and loans from renowned angel investor Nobuhiro Ariyasu and several other investors. We are pleased to announce that we have raised a total of 115 million yen through a third party allocation of new shares and a loan from renowned angel investor Nobuhiro Ariyasu and several other investors.

For the PR TIMES press release, please click here.

Purpose of This Fundraising

TRiCERA.NET, a no-border e-commerce site for contemporary art operated by TRiCERA launched in March 2019, has over 2,400 participating artists from over 80 countries and regions. The total number of items on display exceeds 17,000, the total amount of distribution is five times that of the previous term, and the degree of distribution of the works registered on TRiCERA.NET is steadily increasing.

With this funding, we plan to improve the UI/UX of “TRiCERA.NET” in order to further promote matching between participating artists and users around the world, as well as to enhance our own brand and recognition by participating in Art Fair Tokyo 2021 and other promotional activities.

Based on the principle that “creativity has no borders,” we aim to create a platform that can support the distribution of art in a more comfortable and safe manner by removing the borders between people who love art.

The following are comments from the fundraisers and our representative.

[Nobuhiro Ariyasu (Entrepreneur, Angel Investor)]

I have invested in various marketplace businesses in various fields, but I have never seen a business like TRiCERA where I could come up with growth strategies immediately after hearing the business presentation. I think there is a lot of room for growth in this business. I am confident that TRiCERA will grow into a business that will greatly contribute to the democratization of the art industry in Japan and around the world.

[Kyosuke Kato (Executive Officer, Medley Inc.)]

When you hear the word “art”, you may feel that it is something unusual and unfamiliar to you. I believe that TRiCERA will bring about a world in which such art is more familiar to us, a world in which it is a natural part of everyone’s daily life. I also hope that the ecosystem of creators who create such art will revolve, and that more children will aspire to become creators. I’m rooting for you!

[Daisuke Matsumoto (President, MDL Holdings, Inc.)]

As a frontier company that provides opportunities for anyone to experience art around the world, I have high hopes for you!

[Ai Koike]

The art industry in Japan is full of potential. The Japanese art industry is full of potential, and it is up to us to deeply understand its true nature, create opportunities for artists, and connect them with people around the world. I will support you to challenge what Japan has not been able to do so far.

[Yukio Yamamoto (Director, Ai Robotics Corporation)

I hope that through TRiCERA, the number of promising up-and-coming artists in Japan will increase, and that the number of people in the global spotlight will also increase. I hope that TRiCERA will give more promising up-and-coming artists in Japan more options and possibilities, and that more people will come into the international spotlight. I have high hopes for the world that Mr. Iguchi, who has been recognized by Phil Knight, will create in the future.

[Takayuki Sugiura (President, Heiwa Enterprise Co., Ltd.)]

Art at its best!

[Hidemaro Miyashita (President, Panopticon Investment Co., Ltd.)

Panopticon Investment supports TRiCERA’s efforts to maximize the potential of artists without being bound by the old conventions of the art industry. Panopticon Investment is proud to support TRiCERA’s efforts to maximize the potential of artists by breaking free from old conventions of the art industry. TRiCERA’s services will allow artists to focus on their creative work and gain opportunities to work globally. We hope that TRiCERA will help Japan catch up with the rest of the world in the field of arts, and that it will help many talented artists and their works to spread around the world.

[Toshihito Kobayashi (President, Hanposaki Co., Ltd.)

I think it is essential to connect many artworks that have only had the opportunity to be sold in the domestic market with the global market, both from the perspective of artists’ survival strategies and from the perspective of the maturation of the Japanese art market. After listening to Mr. Iguchi’s presentation, I am convinced that he is capable of creating a place that is indispensable for today’s artists. In Japan, which is said to be an immature art market, I am truly happy to see a start-up like TRiCERA emerge.

[Tai Iguchi, CEO of TRiCERA Corporation]

Our no-border EC currently has over 2,400 artists from Japan, other Asian countries and 80 countries around the world. Due to the loss of exhibition and sales opportunities caused by the new coronavirus, the number of applications has increased to about 120 per week, and we are realizing that many artists need opportunities to exhibit and sell their works. In addition, our platform has been accessed from 120 countries around the world, and the total amount of distribution has increased by about 500% compared to the previous quarter, which confirms the strong interest of users in the Japanese and Asian art scene. TRiCERA will continue to promote the growth of no-border EC, which can easily overcome language barriers, logistics and payment barriers, and cultural barriers.

[TRiCERA Company Profile]

Company name: TRiCERA Inc. Representative Director: Tai Iguchi Headquarters: SDS Takanawa Building, 3-22-5 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074, Japan Date of establishment: November, 2018 Capital (including capital reserve): 138,694,000 yen Business description: Operation of TRiCERA.NET, a no-border EC for contemporary art Website: Contact:

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