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[Solo Exhibition] "Do Girls dream of Electric City?" will be held at 9s GALLERY

9s Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Mantisiko from August 22 (Tue) to 26 (Sat).

Mantis is an artist who challenges to "reconstruct the beauty painting" by depicting strong women with a strong and strong gaze.

Despite having been active for less than two years, Mantis has participated in art fairs in Pusan, Taipei, and Dubai, and exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo 2023,

In less than two years, Kamakiriko has attracted much attention as a rapidly growing artist, exhibiting at art fairs in Busan, Taipei, and Dubai, as well as Art Fair Tokyo 2023.

TRiCERA is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Mantis' work, which we believe will usher in a new era for Mantis.

We are pleased to present her first solo exhibition at TRiCERA.

For more details, please click here.


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