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The Corporate Team HR Department plans, operates, and improves the grading/evaluation/compensation system to recruit excellent and high-performing human resources and to encourage employee motivation and growth.
In the area of recruiting, we develop and build new recruiting routes to meet excellent candidates in a short period of time in line with the company's growth speed, operate and disseminate information through our own media, and update the HR system, which was introduced in earnest this fiscal year, to strengthen the recruiting and organizational systems through a cycle of operation and improvement. The HR Department also operates and disseminates information on the company's media.
The HR Department also places importance on communicating TRiCERA's MVV to the outside world and spreading it within the company.

In order to recruit and develop professional human resources and realize MVV, we are looking for a member who can be in charge of everything from recruitment practices to the planning and operation of the HR system in order to strengthen the HR Department structure.

Recruitment information

Business content you want to request

<Recruitment and Human Resources>
Creating and updating job postings
 → Create job postings after identifying the type of person and requirements with the director/manager of each department.
   Update job postings according to the number of applications received.
Post job postings on the company website and various media
Manage the recruitment system (Herp)
 → Manage new applications, assign interviewers, and manage the progress of the hiring process.
Develop, build, and update recruitment channels (media, agents)
 Develop, build, and update recruitment channels (media and agents) → Conduct market research and build relationships with agents to develop appropriate recruitment channels for each post applied for
Coordinate interviews and scheduling of interviews
Job postings on company media and social networking sites
 → Post job openings on "note" and the corporate website.
Develop and disseminate recruiting content (internal interviews, etc.)
Onboarding of new employees after they join the company
Planning and operation of workshops (currently held once every half year)
 → Implement at appropriate times in consultation with representatives and directors
Other incidental work

<Other incidental work>
Operation of personnel system (once a half year)
 → Schedule and implement in accordance with the manual, and operate in cooperation with the representative and directors.
Other incidental work

Preparation of documents and procedures for joining and leaving a company (in cooperation with labor consultants)
 → Prepare documents from notification of offer of employment to issuance of new employee documents, in cooperation with labor consultants.
Attendance management
 → Check if employees' attendance has been submitted at the end of each month.
   Payroll calculation after time and attendance has been submitted is done using a payroll system.
Payroll management and payment processing (payroll calculation is done using a payroll calculation system)
Update of work rules
Other incidental work

Essential skill

Mid-career recruiting Experience (2+ years)
IT literacy
 Main tools: slack, notion, Google Spreadsheet, money forward... etc. etc.
 We use slack as a communication tool within the company.
 We also use notion as an internal wiki.

Preferential skill

The kind of person we are looking for

・Those who can relate to TRiCERA's MVV
・Those who are comfortable with TRiCERA's open and flat communication style.
・Able to catch up with and welcome rapidly changing issues.
・Demonstrate ownership and the ability to involve all parties involved in completing the tasks assigned to you.
・The ability to communicate with others while understanding their needs and feelings.
・The ability to multi-task with speed and accuracy.
・The ability to propose measures after compiling data and extracting issues.

Salary / Benefits

Employment status

Full time employee


Negotiable depending on experience and skills.

Work location

Location: The Wall 3F, 4-2-4 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 10-minute walk from Roppongi Station on the Toei Oedo Line or Hiroo Station on the Tokyo Metro Line.

Working hours

Flex time (core time 11am to 3pm)

Vacation / holiday


Subsidy for the purchase of art
Subsidy for language acquisition
Seminar fee paid
Free drinks

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